We follow this program in cooperation with company NAOS srl which is main contractor. Vessels are designed for shipyard Cantiere Navale Visentini – Donada, Italy, under newbuilding numbers from 212 to 228. That are similar, but always different RoPax vessels developed on same hull form. Our scope of work was a part of hull workshop documentation. This program is still going on.


At year 2005. we "jumped" in yacht design. Since than, we contributed in many projects by various scope of work. Now, we may say, that yacht design becomes to be our speciality.

Mini Cruisers

Workshop drawings for hull and superstructure and (in some cases) classification drawings and hull lines, for about 30 mini cruisers between 28 and 43m length overall. Ships were designed for private persons, mostly from a little place Krilo near Split, which is well known for its maritime tradition and love of its inhabitants for sea and ships .In the past few years, people from Krilo have been proud of new touristic fleet used for 7-day tours around the Adriatic sea. In this category of ships, we can add complete outfitting and machinery workshop drawings for 70-meter cruisers. This job was ordered by BRODOSPLIT BSO shipyard, Split, Croatia.

Conversions and Repairs

We have also good experience with conversions and repairs of existing vessels. Production of this kind of documentation was exceptionally difficult and complex, with lot of inspections and measuring on board, and translating all that data in 3D models and structural drawings. In this set we can bring out conversion job on mega yacht Czar in collaboration with company NAOS srl.

Fishing vessels

Among various spectrum of our projects, small but interesting part belong to fishing vessels. We can present lower projects for different trawler ships.


At this set we put several interesting projects which didn't belong to previous project sets.